Pakistani Man Makes Strawberry Biryani: Twitterati Reacts With 'Alag Kism Ka Nasha Hai'

 - Sakshi Post

Bizzare food combinations are the new trend going on all over social media. Earlier this week, a man was spotted making icecream with a McDonald’s Chicken Burger, and netizens were disgusted. Again, another man from Pakistan decided to experiment with Biryani added strawberries to it, and he named it ‘StrawBiryani’.

The post had gone viral on Twitter with over 2,000 likes and several retweets. In the comments section, several users pointed out that he had just placed strawberries on Biryani. So, it isn't ideally Strawbiryani. Others voted against the concept of strawberries and Biryani in totality.

Saad, a resident of Islamabad, shared a picture of Strawbiryani in a post on Twitter on February 19. "We made 'Strawbiryani' at home today and I am curious to know what desi Twitter has to say about it," Saad said in the caption of his post.

Here are some of the crazy Desi Comments for StrawBiryani:


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