Netizens React To Going Back To Office After Working From Home During Lockdown: Check Funny Memes You Can Relate To

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Lockdown is almost over; people are getting back to their old lives and the old normal. But after accepting Work from Home as the ‘New normal’ will people be able to go to the office everyday? It is difficult.

2020 was gone and we spent most of it in our homes. The pandemic, the lockdown that led to WFH has made people’s lives different. After all that, when you receive an email from the office asking you to possibly come back to the office, it is not going to be an easy task.

Recently a woman shared a video of herself ranting and questioning her office, on Twitter. She can be seen telling her employers that after months of working in pajamas, now they want her to come to the office, well’ that’s not going to happen.

The woman shares that she recently received an email from her company asking all the employees to share their opinion regarding ‘working from office again.’ So now I will have to wake up early, take a bath, dress up nicely and go to the office? That thought scared me.

She continues that, when the office is saving the transport cost, there is an increase in the revenue; everything is going well, why do you even want to call us to the office? I have packed my jeans, trousers, everything. Life has become used to the pajamas.

All that the girl was sharing in the video, many related to it and replied in the comment section saying that even they don’t want to go to the office now. The video went viral on social media as people captioned it while saying, “We relate to it.”

The clip ends hilariously as the girl takes her Manager’s name and says, “Zoya if you are watching this video, it is only for entertainment purposes, please do not fire me.” 

This is how people reacted: 

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