National Vanmali Katha Samman Samaroh at Rabindra Bhawan Bhopal

Vanmali Katha Samman Samaroh is being organised on 15th, 16th and 17th April 2022, this is an initiative of Bhopal based Rabindranath Tagore University, Vanmali srijan peeth (Under Vishwarang) and AISECT Publication to felicitate the selected Writers/authors in a three-day organized 'National Vanmali Katha Samman Samaroh' at Rabindra Bhavan Bhopal. Senior poet Mr. Santosh Choubey, while addressing the press conference, spoke about the prestigious National Vanmali Katha Samman and elaborated that this time eight different writers in different categories will be recognized with Vanmali Katha Samman.

Well-known critic Professor Dhananjay Verma will be felicitated with the first 'Vanmali Kathasheersha Samman'. Senior story writer Ms. Geetanjali Shree will be honoured with 'Vanmali Rashtriya Katha Samman'. Both the litterateurs will be honoured with an honorarium of one lakh rupees each.

Among other awards 'Vanmali Katha Madhya Pradesh Samman' will be presented to senior story writer Shri Hari Bhatnagar (Bhopal), 'Vanmali Yuva Katha Samman' to young story writer Shri Chandan Pandey, (Bangalore), 'Vanmali Katha Criticism Award' to young critic Shri Vaibhav Singh (Delhi), 'Vanmali Literary Magazine Samman' to the famous monthly magazine 'Kathadesh' published from Delhi.

It is worth mentioning that from this time in Vanmali Katha Samman Samaroh, 2 more categories will be introduced along with Vanmali Kathasheersha Samman. The first 'Vanmali Pravasi Bharatiya Katha Samman' will be presented to senior story writer Ms. Divya Mathur (London) and the first 'Vanmali Vigyan Katha Samman' will be conferred upon senior science writer Mr. Devendra Mewari (Delhi). Authors being recognized with Vanmali Katha Madhya Pradesh Samman, Vanmali Yuva Katha Samman, Vanmali Katha Criticism Award, Vanmali Literary Magazine Award, Vanmali Pravasi Bharatiya Katha Samman, Vanmali Science Fiction Award will receive a shawl, citation letter and 51,000 rupees each along with the award.

Mr. Mukesh Verma, President of Vanmali Srijan Peeth, Bhopal, said that the 'Vanmali Katha Samman' is a story in search of democratic and human values in the contemporary literature scenario. It is a biennial award initiated with the aim of re-establishing literature and giving it its due respect.

Launch of Vanmali and other magazines

Vanmali, an inclusive magazine of democratic values, launched with the aim of giving due and credible position to the creativity of the new century, has made a presence in the literary world right from its entry. The Editor-in-Cief of this magazine is Mukesh Verma and Editor is Kunal Singh. The latest issue of Vanmali magazine will also be launched in the Vanmali Katha Samman ceremony. On this occasion, the latest issues of the magazines Rang Samvad, Vishwa Rang and Electronics will also be released for you.

Launch of Katha Bhopal

AISECT Publication has played a crucial part in compiling, editing and publishing the stories of about 200 story-writers of Bhopal in the form of 'Katha Bhopal' in four big volumes. Mr. Santosh Choubey is the Chief Editor and the Editor is Mr. Mukesh Verma for this book. The launch of this story book will also be held alongside ceremony commemorating occasion. Important books published by AISECT Publications will also be released on this occasion.

Launch of Vigyan Kathakosh

AISECT Publication has completed the creative work of compiling, editing and publishing science fictions of about 200 story writers in six large volumes. The editor-in-chief of this important Vigyan Kathakosh is Shri Santosh Choubey.

Discussion on Literature

On the occasion of the three-day Vanmali Katha Samman ceremony, important literary events will also be organised witnessing participation from famous authors of the country.

Theatre plays to be staged every evening 

On the occasion of Vanmali Katha Samman on 15th April at 8:00 PM, the story of late Jagannath Prasad Choubey 'Vanmali' i.e. 'Aadmi aur Kutta' will be staged theatrically by the artists of Shadow Group, Bhopal under the direction of Mr. Manoj Nair.

Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore's play 'Visarjan' will be staged under the direction of Manoj Nair by the artists of Tagore National School of Drama from 7:00 pm on 16th April.

On April 17, the story of Mr. Santosh Choubey 'Satah Par Tairati Udasi' will be staged under the direction of well-known theatrical director Shri Devendra Raj Ankur, former director of National School of Drama, New Delhi.

Purva Rang

On 15th April, musical presentation of Kabir’s Doha in Purva Rang will be performed by Shri Rajiv Singh and his companions.

On 16th April, Vrindagan of Hindi poems will be performed by Shri Janaki Band, Jabalpur. This event will be organized in conjunction with Tagore World Center for Art and Culture and Tagore National School of Drama, Bhopal.

Painters to be honoured with Tagore National Painting Award

On this occasion, selected ten painters of Tagore National Painting Competition organized under Vishwa Rang will be honoured with a citation and an amount of fifty-five thousand rupees.


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