From Mommy to Social Media Influencer, Reetika Gupta Shares Her Journey

From Mommy to Social Media Influencer, Reetika Gupta Shares Her Journey - Sakshi Post

Reshmi AR​ Exclusive Interview With Social Media Influencer Reetika Gupta 

In an exclusive Interaction with Sakshi Post, social media influencer Reetika Gupta tells Reshmi AR about how went from being a mommy to a digital creator. Excerpts from the interview...

1. How did the transition happen from mommy to a social media influencer?   
When my pregnancy started I was on complete bedrest due to low placenta. So I had enough time to check out the internet about my pregnancy so that time I got much involved in the mom bloggers videos like Komal myhappinez and many more. In my whole pregnancy, I have learned many lessons through the experiences of some YouTube mom bloggers. When Abeer was born I automatically started putting things on Instagram regarding my experiences and tips that helped me a lot as a new mom. So I started my journey as a mom blogger like this.

2. You have a considerable fan following on Instagram, how does it feel.
Yeah, I am so overwhelmed by getting love from my constant followers. I never thought of this but it's actually a great thing that happens to me.
Always be thankful for God.

3. Your Insta feeds are all about tips to mommies, are these from your real-life experiences?

Yeah of course if it's my first priority always, if I shared anything on-page that should be tried and tested or it came from my experiences, I can't fake it anything in my real life too.

4. You also endorse baby products, how do you choose your brand endorsement deals? Are there deciding criteria?

Always check the ingredients because I am from a science background if I found something fishy I have to no to brand. And of course, I always try on myself than I used on Abeer.

5. How has been the response to your motivational/positive posts on Insta?

My whole page vibes are only about positivity. Whenever you go through my page you will find gratitude posts.

6. What kind of activities do you organise for mommies via your blog?

I do meet and greet with fellow moms and for my followers so can interact with me and I always try to keep some activities over there so they get some benefit from the meet and greets.

7. Have moms reached out to you for counselling on their challenges in their new role?

As I told you earlier some followers are my constant they become family now whatever the queries are they are most welcome to discuss on. But every day new followers are coming so DMs are always the right medium of interaction if I am not able to solve the queries I always take the help of my counselor friends.

8. You also manage your family business. How do you juggle so many roles?

Yes, that's the best question yet, seriously I don't know how things going so smoothly but this is gonna be done without my family's support. They are my backbones without them nothing to possible.

9. What's your advice to new mommies who are looking to make a comeback to their careers after childbirth?

For new mommies always take out some me-time, this keeps you mentally healthy and you can't be there for your kids if you don't take care of yourself.

And for a comeback is very tough after a baby but we have to do it so after your recovery phase tries to push yourself every day opt to new routine slowly and gradually prepare the mind of family members too that will be the biggest support if they will be ready.

If not try some feasible methods that will be good for you, your baby, and your family.

Reetika Gupta is a Mommy and Lifestyle digital creator. Her Instagram handle is mommybaby_luv

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