Breast Milk is Key to Building Bond Between Mother and Child

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Breast milk is a key to buildup a bond between mother and child

Breastfeeding plays a vital role in a child’s and mother’s life too. On promoting awareness of Breastfeeding, August 1st to 7th is celebrated as Breastfeeding week every year. The thesis of World Breastfeeding week is to step up for Breastfeeding by educating and supporting people.The objectives of WBW2022 is one, Inform people about their role in strengthening the warm chain of support for Breastfeeding. Two, anchor Breastfeeding as part of good nutrition, food securities and reduction in inequalities. Three, engage with individuals and organizations along the warm chain of support for Breastfeeding. Four, galvanise action on strengthening capacity of actors and systems for transformational change.

Nuts, Fruits, Fiber-rich startches and pulses gives good for child’s health. Also, mother's milk gives them balanced nutrients. Baby receives rich proteins, vitamins and fat from breast milk.

Benefits of Breastfeeding

There is a high level of chances to decrease mortality and morbidity-related infections such as respiratory tract infections, diarrhea, otitis mafia, and some other diseases. Breastfeeding Strengthens immunity in children also plays more effective role in adulthood.

Although the mechanisms are not fully understandable, Breastfeeding promotes motor and intellectual development. Breastmilk contains long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, commonly called LCPUFAs, which are important for brain growth and development. The skin to skin contact during breastfeeding is thought to provide psychosocial stimulation and social bonding helping in developmental skills.

Breastfeeding reduces the rates of chronic diseases like allergies, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cancer and chron's disease.

Breastfeeding affects maternal health too immediately after delivery, if Breastfeeding is initiated within 1hr, causes the release of oxytocin helping in contraction of uterus, expulsion of placenta and decreases postpartum bleeding. Threats related to short birth intervals will be reduced as it delays the pooled rate of fertility.  Risk of Postmenopausal breast and ovarian cancer will also be decreased.

Postmenopausal breast and ovarian cancer will also be decreased.

Breastfeeding is the better modality of feeding because it is more affordable than breastmilk substitutes and formulas.It contributes directly or indirectly for the sustainable development goals.

Thus it is very important to promote and propagate the importance of Breastfeeding at all levels of care and society.

Dr.R. V.Sowjanya, Senior Neonatologist, Kamineni Hospitals, Hyderabad

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