How to Practice Your English Skills from Home

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English is that language which becomes primarily important to communicate:. You move to any corner of the world, one language that you might find common between you and the locals of that country would be English. Thus, it is necessary that you stay fluent with this language so that you do not find any barrier to express freely. If you are someone who belongs to a non-English speaking country, then it might become difficult for you to be good at this language. What do you do then? You can probably learn it better and regularly practice it at your home itself to adopt this as a habit. There are different ways that could make you practice English at home and make it more interesting. As speaking it to yourself might sound boring or dull, you might also lose interest over time.

Useful tips for practising English at home

To keep yourself involved and regular with your practice, given below are certain English exercises that you can perform at your home to make English fun: -

Gather friends or family on your excursion called English

 Reading, listening and speaking a particular language in a group could make you learn it in a better way. You can think of forming a group of a few friends or family and invite them to watch English movies with you. Discussing the movie that you have watched together in the group could help you improve the hold over English. In case you are not too much of a television person, then you could think of forming a group of like-minded people who like reading books. Similarly, you can arrange the discussion session after your reading, where different people would share different aspects of the book. You could also consider preparing a few questions about the book or movie about the sections you were not sure of. Sharing ideas would not only help you to broaden your perspective but would also help you to expand your vocabulary.

Be always open to helping others

Volunteering to help people around could support your talking skills. You can look for companies or organisations in your town which invites foreign guests. Offer your help to them and learn hospitality skills in return. Also, you can consider asking them if they need translation services. Furthermore, you can also help children or students to do their English homework. Discuss English grammar or essay formation with them. In the process, you would come across various grammatical challenges that would help you to explore different angles of the language.

Involve in conversations

There are a lot of activities in which you can take part in the conversation. This exercise would help you develop the soul of the language. One of the activities could be watching a movie and taking part in its conversation. You can choose one of the film's characters whose dialogue you will be saying. Listen to the character's dialogues, then rewind. You can either pause or mute after the film characters speak. Likewise, you can try different character's dialogues. For more convenience, you must get the script of the movie which you can read prior to watching. This would make you understand the plots better. There are various websites from where you can avail the movie scripts. If you want, you can even print out the scripts and practice the role for which you will be delivering dialogues.

Chat with people

In the process of learning a language, the most important part is to converse it. If you do not consider that language primarily for speaking purpose, it would be impossible to get a good hold over it. Hence, the focus should be on practising it, which is done well when you chat with people around. Whenever you meet your neighbours, friends or family, take a little time to greet them well and have a few words. Another excellent alternative for chatting is making video calls to the people who are masters of this language. There are various forums or groups available, which you would be able to find online. You can write to them and invite them to have a conversation with you. One tip to execute it in a better way is to be ready with your notepad while chatting.

Join an online creative writing group

You can even consider joining a free online Star Trek creative writing group with native English speakers at Independence Fleet. This could prove to be the most valuable source of learning English and would also help you get better by practicing in a no-stress environment. Independence Fleet is a wonderful platform that could enrich your base or fine tune specifics.

Take lessons

This is probably the most important exercise as it would make you learn from the professionals. There are various English courses available online. You can register yourself on one of these and attend an hour or two-hour classes in a day.  As a saying, when you take up something or pay for it, then you make a point to show regularity for it. Taking out 1 or 2 hours from your entire day is not at all difficult even when you have other things at hand to do


The practice is the key to excellence, and you must always remember this. From any of the sources mentioned above, you can practice English from any corner of your house. It would be better if you follow all the exercises if you are looking forward to amazing results in a short time.

One valuable piece of advice here could be to plan what you want to speak before you speak it. You must make sure that you know the important or technical words and make the right use of them in the sentences. Likewise, you must also pay attention to what others are saying. Concentrate on your speech as well as on others to develop a good base of English.

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