How 2021 Will Go Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

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Occasionally weıre all given the chance to triumph, and according to the website Chinese Zodiac Secrets, in the year of the Ox 2021 it's your turn - so dare to be different. 

Thereıs little to lose and much to gain. And once you start to feel more confident, youıll increasingly resent anyone meddling with your self-directed destiny. 

Others are about to learn just how single-minded and demanding you can be. With winning stamina, youıll pursue goals with the kind of power and intensity that defies opposition or setbacks. What happens early in 2021 and again in the summer should only strengthen your determination.


They say no news is good news, but what you hear this year could hurt or disappoint you. Truth is, anything snide remarks flowing through the grapevine are probably a simple case of sour grapes - which means youıre doing particularly well at something. Again, youıre one step ahead of the rest.


Your inclination towards high ideals and perfection may get a bit of a battering this year. Sure, you can pretend to grin and bear it when everyone around you disrupts your plans, but your dissatisfaction must surface in some way. Now, where did that old punching bag disappear to?


As much as you try to be sympathetic and diplomatic, you canıt please everyone. Sometimes, even the most carefully worded statement can stir indignation.

But really, other ı touchiness is their problem. Youıre only trying to help. The sooner they realise that, the sooner theyıll benefit from your practical advice.


Rabbits are usually pretty quick to respond to early warning signs, so itıs a fair bet you wonıt be slow off the mark when the year ahead becomes a touch disagreeable. If the planets throw some minor financial problems your way - sort them out quickly, in your usual no-nonsense fashion.


You can either forge new roads or finally sort out long-standing problems this year 2021, Dragon. But whether you succeed or end up wreaking havoc will depend on how calmly you cope with a potential clash of egos. Bear in mind that sometimes it pays to compromise.


Generally, itıs wise for down to earth Snakes to keep life as simple as possible, but sometimes complexities arrive on your doorstep without any fair warning. Given the choice, you would have approached current issues in a much more practical way - but someoneıs already set the wheels into motion.


Drag out the suitcases and start packing. Now ıs the time to add a new dimension to your life, so why not take a holiday? Even if cash flowıs a bit tight, donıt let it put a stop to your plans. Stop being so practical and learn to enjoy the moment.


Face it, dear Goat - your life ıs a tad adrift at the moment. Itıs all very well setting off to conquer the world, but beware the perils of deceptive waters. Both your lack of navigational skills and your blindness to subterfuge could see you coming to grief. Sail solo for now.


Itıs an absolute dream of a year, with most things falling into their tidy little slots. there's no need for angst as you go about your usual routine unhindered. Itıs also a great time for work that requires concentration. Others may wonder at your precision, but more in awe than envy.


Don't be so ready to see someone elseıs disapproval as valid. If your opinions are challenged - defend them. Itıs your tendency to withdraw into the silence that can often promote the same tension you try to avoid. Examine your own moods, and then measure them against the truth of your fears.

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