Horoscope 2021 Predictions: Astrologers Detailed Star Forecast For Every Zodiac Sign

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2020 has been an awful year for not just me but the entire universe. Who would have thought that a virus could bring the world to a standstill, it did. But like they say nothing is permanent and this too shall pass. So we all can't wait for this year to get over and welcome the new year. We are all hoping against hope that the COVID vaccine will come soon and we all can get back to normal life like before, yeah? So will 2021 be a good year for us and particularly you?

Going by astrological predictions, apparently the coming year 2021 will be promising. By this we mean it will be better than 2021. However, astrologers have not ruled out the fact that there will still be hiccups and things may not be in your control.

Here's a detailed forecast of your 2021 horoscope for each zodiac sign and star as predicted by the astrologers

Aries Horoscope 2021

As always, let's begin with Aries. People who belong to this zodiac sign will have a great year with better work prospects and better equations with others. Relationships will improve so will difficult circumstances. Even though you will do well overall, there could be some difficult aspects with respect to your career. Steer clear of thinking negative. As per Aries astrology predictions 2021, the situation is likely to improve on the career front after midyear but you have to keep a check on your reactions to situations and maintain calm. As per astrologers those born in the Aries month need not worry about money as there will be financial stability. This is the time to invest and do some financial planning. But astrologers advise against going overboard. Arians will see the brighter side of things towards the end of the year. As per Aries yearly prediction 2021, Arians will taste success in terms of academics while having a smooth relationship with partners. Expect some changes in your life and you are bound to face emotional turbulence (nothing serious though). Stay positive and everything will fall in place.

Taurus Horoscope 2021

Professional life is looking up for you but your efforts are necessary. Planetary position will favour your career progression. Keep your confidence at an all time high. Even though there will be dull moments, you have no reason to worry at all provided you overlook the negativity and look ahead. Plenty of opportunities will come your way but make sure you keep a check on your expenses. Overall, your financial position will be satisfactory. You will see an upward growth and reap prosperity. With a good financial strategy, monetary status should start looking up.

As per astrologers, the Taurus horoscope 2021 points at positivity in terms of relationships. Your love life will improve. But keep your expectations to a bare minimum, but be assured that the best will come your way. Keep your temper under check and stop overreacting to things. It's best to keep your emotions controlled. Make sure to avoid any negative feelings towards others. Most importantly, do not speak or rather yell abuses at anyone. A word spoken cannot be taken bath. This aptly applies to your situation. Stop being bitter or using hurtful words. If you dislike somebody, stay away instead of getting back at them.

Gemini Horoscope 2021

This year is gonna be very special for you guys. The obstacles have reduced and with a stroke of luck coming your way, it won't be wrong to say that this will be your year. 2021 will be the year to stop all the unwanted things and begin on a positive note. This is the time to execute all your plans.  All those single wanting to mingle, 2021 is high on romance. So make that plan and pop the question. For all you know, she / he will say yes and you are sorted for life. Good year for marriage and for those in a relationship, you will see a progress.

With respect to work and academics, 2021 is good for geminines. Both students and working professionals will do well for themselves with the right kind of effort in the right direction. 2021 would be a great year to learn. So make the most of it and do all the learning. All that is required is your effort and focus.

You will be in the pink of your health in 2021. But do watch put in May, September and Feb. Follow the right diet. Marriage likely for those wanting to tie the knot.

Cancer Horoscope 2021

Sorry to be sounding this way. But the new year may not start off all that great. We mean it won't be a bad year after all. However, challenges remain although the intensity may be way lower when compared to the previous year. The reason being the Saturn in Capricorn which will cast its shadow on your sign making it difficult to move ahead. However, when it comes to Cancer Horoscope for 2021, we muist tell you that as always saturn will reward those who give their best against odds. So, all the efforts cancerians put in to fight the battle will not go a waste. As regards money, income inflow will be steady. So moneywise, you have no reason to worry. However, there will be a rise in spending too. This is  the effect if Jupiter passing through Aquarius. Spendthrifts should keep a check on their expenditure to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

On the personal front, cancerians may have wade through conflicts arising out of misunderstandings with their partners. This will be more evident in the middle of the year. Clashes are inevitable thanks to the effect of Saturn. For students born under the Cancer sign, luck will not favour you. It's only your effort that will help you sail through the situation. Working professionals however will have a great year with a stable job.But everything comes at a price so be willing to spend some extra time to impress your bosses. Those desiring to start new ventures in partnership are advised to be cautious as there is bound to be a difference of opinions with your business partner leading to misunderstanding.

With Saturn being in the house, health is something Cancerians have to take extra care about. So don't expect a healthy healthy year. There will be minor illness. But overall, you will face it well. Make sure to keep your stress levels low.

Leo Horoscope 2021

As per Leo horoscope 2021, your resolve to achieve anything will be intense this year. This will certainly take you far ahead. However, your decision to achieve it at any cost may work against you. This year will be all about family for you as Leo people will strengthen their relationship with family members. You will see an upward growth in your career. However, you could become the envy of others who may attempt to place obstacles in your way. So Watch out.

As per astrological predictions for Leo 2021, you will interact with others better by opening up while your analytical ability will be at an all-time high. You are also likely to network more and build new relationships. This is the year to complete all the unfinished business which you have been putting off for long.

Even though you will do well financially, you have to avoid going overboard when it comes to indulgence. Going extravagant may cost you dear. The takeaway from astrologers prediction for Leo for the year 2021 is for them to keep their expectations to minimum and also maintain positive thinking. Life will not be a smooth sail. So make sure you wait. Have the patience required and affirm only positive things. Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

Virgo Horoscope 2021

There will be some positive changes in your life and the year 2021 holds promises. Things will go as per plan provided you give your best. Also, like they say make hay while the sun shines. So look for opportunities and when you come across one, just grab it with both hands. This will give you the first mover advantage. Overconfidence may kill so go easy on whatever you do. Even though the situation will present you with opportunities, it will be up to you as to how well you will utilise them. The initial months of the year will be encouraging, so make the most of them. This is the time for you to achieve your goal. However, dedication towards your goal is a must. Sometimes, results may be slow. However, with perseverance there's no way you will not get to where you want to go. The middle of the year may be a bit of a challenge as you will have to battle new problems and pressure around key decisions in your life. But with good insights, you will sail through it. For people born under virgo, the year will be high on creativity so although you will face some unforeseen challenges you will also be able to emerge victorious in the battle.

Libra Horoscope 2021

The transit of Jupiter and Saturn will make this year a fantastic one for those born under Libra. The double energy from both planets will improve your chances of success. You will find the much needed stability in your personal life. On the domestic front, your conflicts resolve and there will be more calm in the house. The year 2021 promises to be all that wasn't the previous year. Health issues of elderly people at home may need your attention so be on guard.

2021 for Librans will be full of surprises with probability of progression in your position or salary. You will have no reason to worry about money as it will keep flowing in this year.

When it comes to students, 2021 is the time to do some advanced studies. If you have been putting off your higher studies for a while now, this is the time for you to apply and begin for the horoscope for Libra 2021 suggests that you will do well in studies. Those in creative studies will flourish.

As per astrologers, opportunities will be aplenty. So, the onus will be on you to grab them and make them work for you. Three months after January will be especially favourable for Librans to achieve their goals.

You will be better placed health wise too. Blessed with good health and no obstacles, all the more reason for you to go ahead and accomplish things you have been wanting to achieve. When it comes to relationships too, 2021 will be the best for Librans. Those wanting to have a partner or get married need not think of a better time to exchange wedding vows. This is also a good year for Librans to buy a house or remodel the existing. Investment on real estate projects will pay off. Overall, 2021 will be a year worth looking forward to for Librans.

Scorpio horoscope 2021

Have you made New Year resolutions yet? If not, now is the time to make them because chances are that you will adhere to them no matter what. The year 2021 for scorpio however will be a mixed bag, as per astrologers' predictions.

2021 will be the right year for you to make some money, although in moderation. However, this will pay off in the long run. You will make some bold decisions and will make sure to achieve them this year. So when it comes to realising your dreams, 2021 will be your best year in terms of opportunities as well as luck. On the relationship front however, there's not much luck. As per horoscope predictions for Scorpio, those born under this zodiac sign are likely to face some obstacles when it comes to finding partners. However, sparks are likely to fly for singles looking to mingle at the end of the year which will progress in the coming years. 

When it comes to academics, 2021 for scorpios will be a fruitful year—that is if they are willing to make the most of the time they have. Students who give their best will do well. With hard work and dedication, nothing can stop you from getting what you want. On the career front, you could actually pick up that additional skill you have been wanting to. This is your time to find that advanced course and upgrade yourself.

When it comes to career, there will be opportunities galore. Just that you have to work towards bringing in the much needed stability in your career.Success is guaranteed provided you look for opportunities and make the most of them. Scorpios will have better health this year. Focus on your diet and you have no reason to worry. Wealth will come your way provided you work towards it. This year will be prosperous for Scorpios.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2021

Education and career are looking up for those born under this zodiac sign. The year 2021 for Sagittarius seems to be good for everyone irrespective of their age, thanks to planetary positions. Not just the grace of the lord but luck too looks favourable for those born under this zodiac sign. For a change, you will take time to plan things out and chart out a course of action over several months. However, be assured that they will pay rich dividends. Your enthu and energy will be at an all time high which will help you achieve even the impossible goals.

Meeting new people is on the agenda and you are likely to do some social networking this year. Your social circle will grow and so will your chances of meeting up with new people. Make use of this to do some intellectually stimulating discussions.

Besides on the romantic front, you are likely to have an encounter with the love of your life. Look out for those signs. If you feel chemistry then just go for it because stars are favouring you. Those already in a relationship may face a few hiccups. However, there's nothing that cannot be resolved with a talk so have a heart to heart conversation and move on.

Career wise, you will do well and also will strike a balance between home and work. There are chances of you getting a promotion too. 2021 looks to be a year that will yield fruits. Basically, this year all your hard work will pay off.

When it comes to academics, those wanting to go for higher studies can do so. Check out the best institutions offering the courses of your choice and apply. Also, if a doctorate degree is what you are looking at; use this year to finish off your PhD because chances are high that you will receive the much evasive honour this year. So don't put off work on that any longer.

Health wise be conscious of what you eat. Make a diet plan and stick to that if you want to remain in the pink of your health and achieve all that you wanted to.

Capricorn Horoscope 2021

2021 will be the year of introspection for those born under capricorn. You are likely to take some life changing decisions this year. Be cautious and give it a thought before you go ahead with your decisions as this will impact your future to a great extent. Your decisions, actions will determine how your future will shape up.

On the money front, Capris have to be extra cautious. Check where you are putting your money, make wise investments and save, which will be the big word for you this year. Keep a check on your expenses and think twice before you commit yourself to any financial obligations for it is not going to be easy.

On the romantic front, there's good news. All the discord that's present will soon fade away and take time out to spend enough time with your partner and make her feel special. 2021 is the best year for love and to nurture relationships. This is the time for bonding.

When it comes to academics, students will excel. Those pursuing engineering, fine arts, finance will do well. For those willing to experiment a little too, 2021 is a good year. For those wanting to further their careers too, 2021 horoscopes for capricorns will be great. With stars backing you on the academics front, what can stop you from growing in your career? If need be, take up those add on course to advance your career. The results may not be immediate but they are sure to come.

Health will be a matter of concern this year. Although nothing major, it will help to be cautious about your health and take necessary precautions to ensure you make the most of 2021 which is favouring you in all the other aspects. Get into a fitness regime, eat healthy and go chase your goal. The world is at your feet.

Aquarius Horoscope 2021

2021 is nothing to cheer about for aquarians. At least the initial few months will be challenging. With Saturn staying in the 12th house and a debilitated Jupiter it's not gonna be a cakewalk for you. With so many changes and challenges, the smooth sailing is a far cry and thus aquarians are bound to feel disappointed. But wait, all is not lost. This year will provide the best experience for you. Also, with patience things will fall in line. Just that you might feel emotionally drained. However, come April 2021 and there will be no looking back for you. With Jupiter's transit all you touch will turn into gold and on all fronts including health, wealth, marriage, career, love, education and relationships, you will see progress.

For the first few months, be cautious about spending your money. Keep a check on your expenditure and avoid all unnecessary expenses. Just ignore the first six months of 2021 and push all your financial investments for the second half of the year.Do not get carried away by tempting offers. Also don't promise to lend on an impulse. Emotional decisions will cost you dear.

Also, your love life will start looking up after June. You will find your partner who will connect with you emotionally. The second half of the year will be emotionally fulfilling. That someone special you always wanted is likely to come into your life in 2021. There are also chances of marriage for a few who have been putting off that big decision. But like we said do it in the second half of the year for harmony.

Career and education holds promise for students and professionals. Jupiter's transit will clear the path for you to make progress. All your efforts will bear fruit. Those wanting to start off a new venture can do so. Just make sure you identify the right opportunity and something that works for you.

Aquarians have to watch out for their health in 2021. Keep a check on diet. Get the discipline back into your routine and make sure you get adequate nutrition.

Pisces Horoscope 2021

2021 will be a mixed bag for those born under pisces zodiac sign. Progress will be delayed. But have patience. On the financial front, there will be unforeseen expenses so keep a check on your spending. you may end up spending more than the amount you are earning right now. So plan your finances well to avoid unwanted expenditure.

2021 will be the year of social networking for pisceans. Make the most of your people skills to build bonds with people. Blend well for you never know who will help you with what. Between September and October you will realise the power of relationships and network building.

Plan all your investments Post june as your finances may need a review after six months considering the payments you have to make. For students, Jupiter will favour them till April. However, hard work is a must to achieve desired results. Luck will shine bright but only to some extent.

On the relationship front, you will have conflicts with your partners. Sometimes due to ego issues between the two, even trivial issues may blow out of proportion. So the best thing to do is to keep a check on your emotions and not let things flare up. Keep your temper under control and learn to ignore or leave the place if things turn ugly. This will save both of you the embarrassment. if you are planning to tie the nuptials then just not yet. Plan your wedding post June. Exercise extra caution in your relationships.

Health is another cause for concern for pisceans. Your energy levels may not be all that high considering the sleeplessness and lack of immunity. So work on these areas to ensure you are in the pink of your health.

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