Fusion: India’s very own Avatar of Streetwear!

 - Sakshi Post

The simple yet revolutionary idea of combining two cultures' ethnic dressing styles is something infectious for today’s contemporary youth, or perhaps has always been. Fusion wear a.k.a. Indo-Western clothing – is a genre that India laid claim to over 4 decades ago.

The Indian fashion industry is on the verge of witnessing a drastic shift in young women’s contemporary style. While four decades ago, fusion wear was an outcome of adopting western aesthetics to Indian ethnic dressing, today’s expression of the ‘born-in-westerns generation’ is embracing Indian culture and roots with a strong sense of empathy and individuality. The emergence of fusion wear in recent years has successfully ignited the flare of a strong urban indie-street culture in the mainstream Indian fashion industry.

Historically, street culture has been a voice of the unheard – a strong expression of a community willing the world to listen!

Fusion x Streetwear: The Future of Indian Fashion Industry

From a far distinct, fusion wear is often misunderstood as merely India’s adoption of western cultural concepts but in fact has been the marker of India’s progress towards globalization in fashion and expression of individuality, often breaking the shackles of societal cultures. The very essence of what defines streetwear.

“Street Culture is culture, style & art that was not born out of

upper echelons of society or born out of institutions

but crafted and created on the street”. – Unknown

Streetwear is a flagbearer of expressing creativity, liberty and empathy. Indian street wear embodies this through a fusion of traditional craft, authenticity, multi-national influences, and ungendered style. Challenging the archaic theories of binary norms in society.

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