Fascinating Gifting ideas For Mother And Baby in This Festive Season

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By Dr. Himanshu Gandhi 

Indians are set to celebrate Diwali with much more fervor than ever this year, as this festival of lights comes just months after the mayhem unleashed by the pandemic post the Holi celebrations across the country. Diwali celebrates the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil, and it is thus imperative that while we mark the occasion with lights, fun, and frolic, we also vow this festive season to keep our health at the top pedestal. The ones needing the most care though are the moms and their little ones, who are extremely delicate and at the same time quite vulnerable. Dr. Himanshu Gandhi, Co-founder, and CEO of mother and baby care brand Mother Sparsh shares some gifting ideas to show your love and affection toward moms and their little ones.

Burst No Crackers Around Them

Excessive smoke and pollution from firecrackers are detrimental to the environment as well as mothers and their babies. If you care for them, make sure neither you nor others burst firecrackers when they are around. Remember, that especially the new moms and their little ones are more prone to breathing and skin-related troubles when exposed to firecrackers, hence gifting them peace of mind as well as health by celebrating a cracker-free Diwali.

Help Check Post-Pregnancy Hairfall

Women tend to face a lot of hair and scalp-related problems post the pregnancy stage and unfortunately, much of this damage is irreversible. The new moms, therefore, need to be provided with a complete one-stop hair health solution. One of our offerings, Dashmool Hair Lep is specially crafted for moms to stimulate hair roots, prevent hair fall, and ensure an intense herbal treatment with no harmful after-effects.

Kids’ Hair Health

It’s not just the mothers though whose hair health needs nurturing the kids’ hairs and scalps are even more prone to damage due to their tenderness. A complete hair care kit infused with the goodness of nature in the form of ingredients like Brahmi, Methi, Tej Patra, Tulsi, Shikakai, Mulethi, etc would be the best gift for the little ones to safeguard themselves from dandruff, irritation, and subsequent roots damage.

Photo Memorabilia

Another excellent gifting option for a mother and her child would be photo memorabilia depicting their warmth and affection for one another. A snap of the smiling due in memorabilia would be a token of your love and could always enhance the beauty of their living room or photo wall.

Gift The Right Diet

A festive season also means a variety of dishes on the platter, which might at times not be the best suited for mothers and their babies. Therefore, ensure that you gift them with a few delicacies that they can relish upon without harming their health in any possible way. A specially cooked homemade recipe that is conducive to their health could be one of the most thoughtful gifts that they get this festive season.

(The author is  CEO & Co-Founder - Mother Sparsh)

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