Everything That You Must Know Before You Plan Your Next Trip

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Yes, by now you would have ticked off multiple destinations from your bucket-list. And we would like to believe that you raged through your bucket-list like never before this year - just like we did! We know that it feels good. But you know what feels even better –when you get to maximize travel for less. Now, we have your attention!

From hunting for travel deals, to booking early to avoid last-minute hikes in fares – we all have discovered our own tricks and hacks to book smart. But my dear, times have changed and there are new ways in which you can beset your travel with more value – not for one booking but every time you book in the future!

So, here’s a little something for you. A curated list of ways in which you can pack your travel with our tested hacks.

Check the airfare and lock it immediately!

Should you wait to book a flight or wait for a few days while you worry that the fares might go up?! – is a thought that gives nightmares to everyone. But what if we say, there is a key to lock your airfare for a few days while you firm up your travel plan. The solve is in Goibibo’s Price Lock feature that allows you to lock price in advance for a minimal fee that later gets adjusted in the ticket price. So, go on and approach your manager for a vacation and even if your manager takes a few days to approve your travel dates – you can still show your manager some love!

Seal your travel with a deal

There are by-the-by deals and then there are deals that promise more value, never-before-seen benefits, and the cherry on the cake is that some of these bonanza deals are up for grabs every day! Wondering where to find these deals? Look closer – and you find the answer here. We say, keep looking always for a full vasool deal because sometimes it’s better to leave no room for regrets!

Travel in the shoulder-season

There is a third season that nobody tells you about. It’s a season when a destination is on a detox mode (just kidding). It’s the shoulder season – the period between when the destination has already welcome tourist inflow (peak season) and the onset of the off season. This is also the time when fares are relatively low (shhh! We just let out a secret). Take for example – Goa during monsoons. This time of the year is when people avoid going to Goa but for the ones who wish to enjoy the mystic beaches, the rumbling sound of the rain as it falls on the shacks – then this sure is the season not to miss. Letting the cat out of the bag –accommodation and local transportation is relatively at its lowest rates at this time.

They say start early. We say the same thing – book early!

Universal truth is if you start planning early you will surely enjoy the benefit of booking at comfortable rates. But! You are a perfect planner, and you always prefer going over the itinerary multiple times – because nothing can go wrong. And bam, that’s where you went wrong because if the pandemic didn’t teach you that zindagi na milegi doobara then you sure are a bad learner. So, stop procrastinating on your travel plans and just leap to booking your dream trip before it becomes expensive. To give you an idea - a ticket from New Delhi to Dehradun booked now for mid-July will cost three times as much as one for the beginning of August. Give it a go!

And, if we haven’t convinced you enough then try these hacks for yourself. You can always thank us later.

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