Domain Registration: What Not To Do

 - Sakshi Post

The domain name you choose is of utmost importance as it reflects your brand to your customers. You want it to be simple, concise, and relevant. While that sounds easy, it isn’t. This is why you want to avoid any of the following domain name and domain registration mistakes, know more....

Sounding Similar

You want the domain name to be unique so it can stand out from the rest while being relevant. And you want to pay close attention and think of a name that clearly tells customers what your website is all about too. This balance can be a little tough to achieve but take the example of Big 5. They have registered ‘’ and ‘’. Their ‘’ website is redirected to the second URL and there is no confusion whatsoever. You want to aim for this type of clarity that isn’t too fancy but relevant and doesn’t resemble a name that is similar to another website.


You can easily avoid the mistake of choosing an irrelevant domain name in your domain registration process. You don’t want to choose something so broad when you know you specialize in only one type of product or service and have no plans of expanding. And you don’t want to limit yourself to one thing when you know you have plans for expansion later. The key is to be clear and make it relevant from the start. Buying one domain name isn’t the end of the world and you won’t be banished from buying another one. Always make the domain name relevant and buy another if you need to.


The ‘.com’ is the most popular Top Level Domain extension but there are other TLDs that you can use too. What you choose should depend on the website. For example, if you have built a website for an educational institution then choosing the ‘.edu’ extension is better. The key is to choose what is appropriate according to your website. You can register more than one TLD too if you want to use the different extensions to provide different content. Else, you can redirect people to your original website if you think they are more likely to open a particular extension website.

Ignoring How It Is Read

A common and rather silly mistake regarding domain names is not reading the name out loud. Your domain name might look fine on paper and you might have the best of intentions but the same name can be read in different ways by different people. You should read it out aloud before you commit to a domain name and ensure that it doesn’t sound wrong in any way. You should ensure all this is done before domain registration so that you have a name that sounds fine when you say it out and it looks good on paper too.

Too Long

A mistake that is too common but can be easily avoided is long domain names. You should choose a short domain name because if it is too long then people won’t be able to easily remember it.  The chances of them revisiting your website become less as a result and you want to avoid this at any cost. As more people are accessing websites from mobile phones it can cause problems for them too because they won’t be able to conveniently visit your website. It is best to keep the domain name relevant and short. The domain name should ideally be up to 16 characters or less.

Shopify  is one of the simplest options you can choose to buy a domain name if you don’t have a custom domain at present and you want a hassle-free experience. The benefit of Shopify is the setup is done automatically and there are only a few steps involved to get your website up and running.

Spelling Issues

You want the spelling of the words used in the domain name to be easy and you want to ensure your customers can easily find you without any hassles. You should avoid difficult words that people often misspell and you want to avoid using words that have variations across cultures. For example, many words in American English and British English differ such as behavior and behavior respectively. You want all your customers to remember and to be able to spell the words in the domain name so keeping it as simple and relevant is essential for your brand.


Pexels is an example of a simple domain name.

Using Characters

One of the common domain registration mistakes is to use characters along with letters in your domain name. While you might think it provides space and sounds cool, oftentimes it causes more confusion. And this isn’t necessary. You should try and eliminate using characters in the domain name if possible and if it isn’t part of your brand name. You don’t want to spend your time explaining whether numbers are used or which numbers are spelled out and how. This only makes it difficult for people to understand when you are telling them about the website. Just keep it simple.

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