Children's Day Special: Best Movies For Kids In Telugu, Top Children Movies In Telugu

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The present-day children are often spotted spending most of their time on mobile and watching TV. Even popular OTT platform Hotstar has come up with Disney+ Hotstar for kids. Due to covid, the usage of mobiles by children has increased. Most of the children watch movies on digital channels like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar etc. Avengers, LionKIng, Aladdin, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, X-Men etc are some of the movies that are popular with children. However, our kids may not have any knowledge about regional movies. There are some very interesting and well-made movies for kids in regional languages too. These movies are also inspiring and motivating. Take your children back to the golden days by showing them your favourite Telugu kids movies. Here are some Telugu movies for children:

1.Little Soldiers:

Little Soldiers is one of the classic movies for kids in Telugu. The story follows two ill-behaved children who are orphaned after their parents die and forced to live with their grandfather. However, they find it difficult to live there because of strict disciplinary rules. As time flies, however, the children change their behaviour and perspective. Watch the movie to find out what made the children change and how they tackled the situation.

  2 Anjali

Who can forget this Maniratnam gem? It is not easy to have a child with special needs so a family decides to leave the kid at a care facility. However, circumstances get the kid back home and how the family adjusts to the presence of a special needs child and how kids in the society react to her forms the crux of the story.

3. LavaKusa

If you want your kids to understand the value of standing up to the people who commit crimes and learn from their mistakes. Lavakusa is the best film for them.

4. SwayamKrushi

The theme of the film is about a kid understanding what is the right way to live life. The screenplay shows us how kids can easily get spoilt and they need love to guide them in the right path.

5. Repati Pourulu

It is a complete social awareness film. It is majorly about how the educational system is getting corrupted and young children are losing interest. It tells young children to unite against issues hampering their growth. It shows them how to solve problems instead of adjusting.

6. Balabharatam

Major schools in the 1990s used to project the film in assembly for children to learn about mythology. The film doesn't tell the entire story of Mahabharatam but it is interesting. If you watch the film you will know why it is interesting.

7.  Sisindri

The film is the Telugu remake of the Hollywood movie The Baby’s Day Out. Akkineni  Nagarjuna's son Akhil Akkineni debuted as a child artiste in the movie. He was just nine months old at the time of the movie shoot. Amala trained the child and earned praises from all quarters for her efforts to recreate the fun for the Telugu audience.

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