Archies Bond Beyond Blood Campaign to Mark Daughters Day

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 Archies, the forerunners in the social articulation industry, is celebrating Daughters Day by launching its unique and social #BondBeyondBlood campaign to commend the change in perception of Indian people. India is going through a ground-breaking transformation where residents particularly in Tier II and Tier III urban communities are slowly and steadily accepting the girl child in the family as opposed to the older generations viewpoint where giving birth to a girl child was considered a liability.

Daughters are the powerhouse and the foundational stone for a lot of families and have been from time immemorial. From initiating parents into new technology and other life hacks and essentially overlooking their wellbeing by getting work done on both the personal and professional front. The #BondBeyondBlood campaign hails this very spirit of daughter and parents in breaking cultural obstructions whilst bringing up the girl child.

The upcoming #BondBeyondBlood campaign is currently live across Archie's social platforms, and celebrates the interesting approach in showing the responsibility of adoptive guardians/ single guardians (mother or father) bringing up a young girl child under societal pressure like Sushmita Sen or Neena Gupta. The aim of the campaign is to penetrate Tier 2 and Tier 3 urban communities as well and break down the existing gender barriers currently existing. Most importantly, the campaign is also aimed at spreading awareness and creating acceptance of Queer children by their parents, be it transgenders, non-binary, and other orientations of the LGBTQI+ spectrum. 

Varun Moolchandani, Executive Director, Archies on the launch of the campaign #BondBeyondBlood said, “Daughters have a special place in our life, and with the little things that they do for us, they steal our hearts even more, Our #BondBeyondBlood campaign and our special range of Archies product gifting options for them are a celebration of how crucial and wonderful they are. In these uncertain times, Archies as a company wishes to provide optimism by focusing on positive marketing. The campaign also recognizes the strength that single parents have gathered to fight societal pressure in raising their daughters. The Archies collection for this Daughter's Day is lovely, cheerful, and joyful."

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