Akshar Yoga Enters World Book of Records With Chakrasana

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Bengaluru: On 27th August, 2022, Akshar Yoga Team gloriously marked their name in the World Book of Records in the category for most number of people holding a Chakrasana/ wheel Post for a Minute straight. The Official team from World Book of Records evaluated this entire event and presented the certification for the successful completion of the record to Akshar Yoga.

The event was organised at the Akshar Yoga Research and Development Centre, Padukone-Dravid Cent27re for sports Excellence, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Under the guidance of Himalayan Siddha Akshar Ji, a total of 250 Yoga practitioners attempted this feat for the World Book of Records.

All the participants who performed this Aasana had undergone rigorous training that covered training the body to hold the asana with proper alignment of posture, practiced various breathing techniques and also worked on capacity to hold Chakrasana /wheel pose for 1 minute.

The main idea behind it is to convey the message of Power of Yoga to the world, while this is a demonstration of how we have control on our mind and body and also how we can enhance the quality of life through Yoga.  For positive life aspects, one needs to have healthy body and mind, and Yoga is the ultimate answer to overall well being and good health.

Moreover, Akshar Yoga Master level teachers came forward and trained a number of underprivileged children and specially-abled kids especially for this event. The 250 yoga participants included homemakers, students from different ages and working professionals.

Founder of Akshar yoga, Himalayan Siddha Akshar dedicated this record to all yoga practitioners and wished for their best.

This event was also supported by Himalaya Yoga Ashram, World Yoga Organisation, International Sidddha Foundation, YouYog and others.

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