Ahuta Alovera Gel by Secret – Goodness of 99.8% Pure Aloe Juice

 - Sakshi Post

Ahuta Aloe vera gel curated by Secret comprises of freshly extracted aloe vera juice, a go-to solution for a clean and healthy scalp. The product contains no artificial colours, fragrances and chemicals. The aloe vera gel helps hydrate, nourish and softens skin and hair. A few benefits and uses of aloe vera gel for hair are – calms itchy scalp, conditions, detangles and smoothens frizzy hair.

With respect to skin, aloe vera gel can help hydrate dry skin and can be used as a primer before any application of makeup.

Secret truly believes in procuring materials that are real, authentic and organic. As most of aloe vera gels in the market combine carbomer as a thickening agent, Secret uses plant-based food -grade thickeners such as Guar gum.

With an array of products in Haircare, Secret is all set to expand into the portfolio of skincare by introducing the Ahuta Aloe Vera Gel, a goodness of pure aloe juice.

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