5 New Places In Hyderabad Every Foodie Must Visit

5 New Places In Hyderabad Every Foodie Must Visit-Sakshi

By Devraj Bollareddy


If you are a dim-sum and sushi person, then Taro is a must visit. The aesthetic of the restaurant is very appealing to the eye, setting the perfect background for your Instagram and Snapchat stories. Right now is the perfect time to visit, as the weather cools down in Hyderabad, it’s the perfect time to sit down and catch up with your friends in the outdoor dining area at Taro while the monsoon wind blows in your hair. The menu offers an extensive range of Pan-Asian cuisine.


Tasca is a new resto-bar that recently opened in Kokapet. If you are a fan of fancy cocktails along with a side of good food, then Tasca is the place to be. Its interiors were designed by the same team that designed the interiors for the Sanctuary Bar & Kitchen in Film Nagar and largely mirror the luxurious and high-end feel of the Sanctuary. If you live around the Kokapet & Financial District region and do not want to commute all the way to the city centre to have a good meal, then Tasca is an option you should consider. 


Have you ever been to a restaurant and wondered if you could buy the cutlery because it is just so cute? Or did you catch yourself eyeing a piece of furniture at a restaurant just wishing you could take it home and put it in your living room? If you ever did, then good news because Voila is a home-lifestyle studio restaurant that allows you to purchase whatever you want from the restaurant. The concept of shopping while you are fine dining is definitely a first in Hyderabad. 


Often regarded as one of the most Instagrammable café’s in the city, if you are someone that places a lot of emphasis on the ambience of a place, then Beluga café is a must visit since its aesthetic is unparalleled by any other café in Hyderabad. Customers often praise their refreshing mocktails and the hot chocolate is apparently supposed to be ‘out of this world’. 

Tom & Nori

Nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of Road number 45 in Jubilee Hills, Tom & Nori is a new bistro in town that offers a refreshing take on food. Offering a wide range of items such as Ravioli, packed American Hamburgers and Waffles, Tom and Nori is the perfect go to place if you are going out with a large friend group in which everyone prefers a different cuisine. 

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