5 Key Factors to Optimize Video Marketing Outcomes

 - Sakshi Post

Video marketing is a part of the online marketing expeditions that most companies undertake to increase their profit. It is a known fact that videos appeal more to customers than posters or announcements. The consumers get a glimpse of the actual product and how to use them. Using promotional videos for marketing and advertisement is called video marketing.

Such video marketing campaigns aim to reach out more to the people and rank higher in Google search results. A higher rank in Google search results increases the company website's visibility, resulting in more sales. Let us look into some of the important hacks to increase the profit from video marketing.

Telling a story

One of the common mistakes that many companies commit is the mismanagement of the facts in the video. If the company makes the video a slide show of all facts, the customers will lose interest in such videos. Rather, the companies must arrange the facts so that an overall story is being generated. The story's flow has to be proper so that the consumers stay engaged with it throughout the video's duration. The profits will increase only when the consumers get the entire idea that the management wants to convey through these videos.

Proper keyword research

Keywords are an essential component of increasing traffic and promoting products. These words are commonly searched in most search engines. The inclusion of such words in the video name or the contents will increase such videos' ranks. Videos containing such keywords will be mostly referred to at every search being made on that website.

Therefore, the video makers have to consider which keywords are mostly used by consumers. A proper arrangement of such keywords throughout the contents of the video is necessary. However, stacking too many keywords in the contents will decrease the value of the video. It can also perturb the flow of the story that the video conveys. As a result, even if it comes up in the initial searches, people will not check these videos due to its bland contents.

The 'and, but, therefore' formula

Talking about the video's contents, it is the video maker's skill to increase its attractiveness. Most video makers use the 'and, ' therefore' formula to increase their videos' visibility and ranking. The use of 'and' is generally done to increase the importance of the contents.

Also, and is used to add any special feature associated with the main theme of the video. The 'but' is used to incorporate any drawbacks that the customers can consider the product. Most companies prefer to highlight a minor drawback, and they provide the solution to it in the next component. The 'therefore' provides an overall summary of the video. It also adds resolution to the video contents, which instill a 'want' in the audiences. Therefore, this formula becomes a hit since it introduces all the major attributes and advantages, highlights a few minor drawbacks, and provides a resolution at the end of the video, provoking customers to opt for such services.

Using special tools to design the videos

According to The Newzly, Making a video is not only about shooting a video. Several highlights can be added to any videos to make it attractive. In any business, attraction is the key to video marketing. Therefore, after you have arranged all the facts you need to show in the video, you must add some features to the video.

This can be some lighting in the background, several shapes, and emojis to highlight any text, music that goes with the video's mood, etc. You can also cut some parts of the video or add some other parts to increase the overall visibility. Such eye-catching features are often obtained in several video editing software available online. InVideo is one such software where you can perform all such video editing.

Adding captions to the video

In most social marketing platforms, people watch the video without any sound. Such a curious activity takes place since most people view them on their android mobiles, and they are not always in a situation where the video can be played out loud. Adding captions or subtitles to the videos will help the observer understand the concept of the video. Although the viewer might face problems in understanding every word's emotion, the captions have to be prepared so that the emotions can also be conveyed along with the message. Adding captions also helps companies reach out to more people who might not understand the video's language. Using a common language for the video captions will solve this matter.

Adding clickable elements

Although the viewer's satisfaction is one of the prime concerns for most companies, they prefer to engage the audience even during the videos. Therefore, many companies use clickable elements in their marketing videos. Such elements contain links to the company website, link to the company's next video, or open up a fresh page depicting different offers. The most common clickable element is the subscribe or the bell button used on Youtube.

Most companies enable their audience to subscribe to their channel. The audience can also get involved in some surveys conducted by the company by clicking on such elements. These elements are also called call to action elements. The audience feels engaged since they have to click these elements, and their thoughts are provoked when some surveys are conducted. They also feel responsible to society. Therefore, clickable elements play a pivotal role in business promotion.

Final words

The success of marketing videos is determined by its visibility and Google ranks. Google performs this task by considering the quality, content, number, and keyword inclusion. Objectionable contents are often excluded.

The higher the google rank, the greater the chances that the audience will see it. If you can use the formulas mentioned above in your marketing videos, you will optimize such marketing campaigns and rake in increasing profits from it. Once you understand making marketing videos, you can use the knowledge to make more of such videos for your company. Read more here.

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