3 Incredible Health Benefits Of Snacking On Almonds

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Almonds are a nutrient-rich food that are best known for their immunity-building and energizing properties. In addition to this, they contain vitamins, minerals, protein, and fibre, offering a number of health benefits.  Just a handful of almonds fulfill a person’s daily protein needs. One can include them in their regular diet considering the health benefits that they offer. Ranging from skin, gut to heart health, there are numerous health benefits that this miracle food offers and helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Enhances your skin glow 

In the current day and age, beauty filters have become the new norm but nothing can match the charm of naturally glowing skin. This is because glowing skin has always been a sign of good health. One of the vital ways to take care of your skin is to nourish it from within with healthy dietary choices. This involves including a handful of almonds in your diet, which is an effective way to nourish your skin. Moreover, consuming almonds is a fantastic way to increase your vitamin E intake. It is also a powerful antioxidant that may benefit skin health. Besides countless benefits, almonds also reduce skin wrinkles and impart anti-ageing properties. A handful of almonds could be the ultimate way to give your skin the love it needs. Almonds also effectively support the skin's resistance to UVB light and improve skin texture. So what are you waiting for? Grab a handful of almonds every day for healthy glowing skin.

A Diabetes-Friendly Nut

In the current times, being associated with a job has become an integral part of people's lives. About 1/3rd of your life is spent at work. Unfortunately, work pressure and ill-health have become synonymous with each other. India is home to the second-highest diabetes incidents in the world. In fact, one in two Indian adults living with diabetes are undiagnosed. Asian Indians are more likely to have diabetes due to higher insulin resistance. But here's the good news - making a handful of almonds part of the daily diet has many health benefits. Research says that almonds, a low glycemic index or GI food, lower the blood sugar impact of carbohydrate foods that they're eaten with. Almond consumption has the potential to also benefit those who skip breakfast and may result in better post-meal blood sugar regulation. It is ideal to consume a handful of almonds as part of a balanced diet to improve glucose metabolism in adolescents and young adults with pre-diabetes. Snacking smart with almonds is a small yet great change that can aid in leading a healthier lifestyle. Eat them raw, lightly salted or flavoured.

Eat Almonds to keep your heart healthy

In India, nearly 25% of deaths are due to cardiovascular diseases. However, adopting a healthy lifestyle can make a crucial difference. It's about time we replace unhealthy snacks with a handful of almonds. Numerous studies have shown that including almonds in the diet may significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases among Indians. Research says that having a handful of almonds every day can help reduce bad LDL cholesterol, an important marker for heart diseases, and improve HDL and good cholesterol.

Snacking on almonds also reduces belly fat and waist circumference, which are well-established cardiovascular disease risk factors. Munching on almonds as part of a healthy diet may help reduce dyslipidemia, one of the biggest risk factors for cardiovascular diseases among Indians. Studies also suggest that individuals on an almond-rich diet have improved blood flow and blood pressure. The heart-smart benefit of almonds is a perfect reason to grab a handful of them right away.

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