Netrikann Movie Review: Nayanthara Proves She's The Lady Superstar

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The craze for Lady Superstar Nayantara movies is different. Nayantara, who is synonymous with women-oriented films started streaming on OTT today (August 13). The Kollywood actress plays the main lead in the latest movie Netrikann. Let's give you our first impression  of the movie, Netrikann starring Nayantara.

Durga (Nayantara), a CBI officer, and her younger brother Adi are involved in an accident. Adi loses his life. Durga loses her sight. Durga is trying her best to get her eyesight restored.

Meanwhile, cases of girls disappearing in the city are on the rise. A psycho doctor, James Deena (Ajmal Amir), paints obscene pictures of girls while torturing them and raping them. When he is trying to trap Durga, there is a mishap. And Durga escapes from there. Durga has been trying to catch him ever since with the help of the police. Will Durga finally succeed in her endeavor? Is the story a psychological thriller? 
Netrikann revolves around the challenges faced by Durga due to the psycho painter. 


Nayantara impresses in the role of Durga as a blind former CBI officer. Nayantara's brilliance in Lady Oriented films is nothing new. But Nayantara overcomes another challenge in Netrikann. And she plays the role of a blind woman to perfection. She oozes confidence in every scene and look. Ajmal Aamir, who appears as a psycho doctor manages to terrorise the audience with his cruelty. Manikandan in the role of a police officer and Gautam in the role of a delivery boy do justice to their roles.

Netrikann Review

We’ve seen a lot of movies in which a lead actor plays a blind character. However, Netrikann has a story of its own. Based on a blind subject from Korea, the maker has made changes and additions to suit our nativity. 
It looks like director Milind Rau has a winner in hand He makes the viewers under his grip in every scene. The second half, however, seems to have stretched a bit towards the end. The scenes that capture Psycho also gives you a deja vu feel. But nowhere does it seem boring as the story revolves around the character of Durga. 

The beginning of the first half may seem a bit sloppy, but gets interesting with the psycho entry. There's going to be a twist to in the story in the scene where Durga meets psycho. Audiences find it most unexpected. A few more such scenes in the movie manages  to catch the audience attention and leave them impressed. 

The psychological game that Durga builds in the movie is thrilling enough to keep the audience hooked till the end. The way the story has been woven is something to write home about. Thanks to the way the characters are written, the story runs smoothly and is a breeze. The actors playing delivery boy and the police officer support Nayantara's character.
While Nayantara is the main strength of Netrikann, the story, narration, background music all work out to enhance the movie viewing experience. Cinematography and editing are all perfectly matched. However, the second half seems to be a bit stretched. On the whole Nayantara seems to have done magic once again.

Netrikann Rating: 3.5/5

You can watch Netrikann on Disney+ Hotstar 


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