Xi Jinping's Strong Comments After Securing Third Term

Xi Jinping - Sakshi Post

Xi Jinping secured a third term as China's leader on Sunday and he was also reappointed head of China's Central Military Commission. The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party elected Xi as its general secretary for another five-year term. 

Xi Jinping speaking with the media said that "the world needs China". "China cannot develop without the world, and the world also needs China. After more than 40 years of unflagging efforts towards reform and opening up, we have created two miracles - rapid economic development and long-term social stability," he added.

He also promised to "work diligently in the performance of our duties to prove worthy of the great trust of our party and our people."

Xi Jinping further strengthened his grip over the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Saturday through new amendments to the party charter.

Xi Jinping will start his third term as President in March 2023.

The week-long 20th CPC national congress concluded on Saturday with 2,296 delegates electing a new 205-member Central Committee (CC).

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