Xi Jinping Under House Arrest, General Li Qiaoming Next China President?

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What happened to Chinese President Xi Jinping is the question that is doing all the rounds on social media. Some reports say that he is under house arrest in a coup by the Chinese military. The news broke out after two former Chinese ministers were given death sentences while four other officials were awarded lifer for plotting 'political faction'. 

On the other hand, rumours are doing the rounds that Li Qiaoming, the general of the Chinese People's Liberation Army is going to be the next president of China. Born in April 1961, he served as commander of the Northern Theater Command from September 2017. In December 2019, he along with other six Chinese military officers have been promoted to the rank of general, the highest rank for officers in active service. Besides these, he was also a member of the central committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) since Xi’s predecessor Hu Jintao.

However, there is no official information from China on the current situation in the country. Social media users are saying that something big is happening in the Dragon Country and said that coup was almost confirmed as China, without giving any valid reason, cancelled more than 9000 domestic flights. 

Based on the report of The Epoch Times, Flight Master said that 9,583 flights were cancelled nationwide on September 21. The cancelled flights were 59.66 per cent of the total scheduled flights on the day. Flight Master serves as a source of information on flight, ticketing, and travel services in the country.

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