World's First Patient Diagnosed With Climate Change

 - Sakshi Post

Climate change is causing a lot of problems, now leading to severe effects. However, this Canadian woman is the first person in the world to be diagnosed with climate change. The change has affected her health.

This Canadian woman, who is suffering from lung problems, maybe the world's first patient to be affected directly by climate change. Poor air quality and heatwaves, according to the physicians, are to blame for her condition. Dr. Kyle Merrit diagnosed the 70-year-old man following a heatwave.

"All of her health issues have gotten worse, and she's having a hard time staying hydrated." We needed to figure out how to keep someone cool in the emergency room. "People were rushing out to the Dollar Store to get spray bottles," the emergency department's director stated.

The patient had asthma, according to a doctor in British Columbia. But this was the first time he directly linked climate change to human misery. "If we don't look at the fundamental reason and only address the symptoms, we'll just keep sliding further and further behind." "I'm simply trying to digest what I'm seeing," the ER doctor explained.

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