Women's Passports Seized For Painting Mask On Her Face

 - Sakshi Post

COVID-19 has thrown normal life out of gear. Both scientists and doctors are advising people to wear masks and also maintain a safe distance, as part of the Covid safety protocols. Nonetheless, some people dislike wearing a mask. The mask, many think, comes in the way of their beauty 

Instead of wearing a mask, two young women with identical ideas had their faces painted as if they were wearing a mask. The authorities, however, learned of this and withheld the girls' passports.

In Bali, Indonesia, authorities seized the passports of two young women for breaking Covid laws. Authorities stated that the face painting was done like a mask instead of wearing a real mask.

Josh Paler Lynn and Leah, two young women, went to the supermarket to film something. They painted their faces with an image of a blue surgical mask instead of wearing the real one. On social media, the video of the duo went viral recently.

Those who watched the video, however, found that the women had a painted mask instead of real ones. It was deemed illegal by netizens.

Costa officials were made aware of the situation. The Indonesian authorities identified the women and confiscated their passports as a result.

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