Woman Certified Dead By Doctors Comes Back To Life Moments Before Cremation

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Resistencia: A woman was shocked when she found vital signs of life in her mother just moments before she was being cremated after doctors declared her dead.

You may have come across such incidents in the movies where a person, usually the protagonist, comes back to life moments before his/her cremation. But this movie plot has been making headlines as a similar incident took place in Argentina, where a woman declared dead by the doctors was discovered to be alive seconds before her cremation.

The 89-year-old woman, whose identity hasn’t been revealed, was admitted to a private hospital in Resistencia, a city in northeast Argentina, after complaining of chest pain on January 23.

According to the newspaper Diario Norte, the woman has been in hospital since Saturday and when her daughter came to visit her the next day; hospital staff approached her and broke the news of her mother’s demise due to cardiorespiratory arrest.

Her 54-year-old daughter was handed over a death certificate which stated that her mother died of a cardiac arrest.

The daughter made preparations for her mother's funeral. The report said that the local police stated that the daughter went to the sanatorium at 8.45 am where she met the doctor who told her that her mother died after suffering from cardiorespiratory arrest. Following the news, the mother was sent to the crematorium on Velez Sarsfield Avenue and the daughter hired the funeral and cremation service.

During the funeral service, moments before the workers prepared to pass the elderly woman through the conveyor belt at a crematorium, her daughter noticed that she still had vital signs and stopped the cremation.

Following her shock after the discovery, the daughter notified her relatives about the incident. The daughter sent an audio to one of her relatives informing her that her mother was alive. "I just wanted to let you know that mum is still alive. In the end, we were in the cremation room and we saw her with her vital signs. Now we're going to the clinic," she said in the audio.

The mother was taken back to the hospital where she is currently being treated in intensive care. Her daughter has reportedly denounced the private clinic to the local authorities who confirmed that a full investigation will be carried out.

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