WHO To Change The Name Of Monkeypox, Know Why?

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The World Health Organisation is working with experts from around the globe on changing the name of the Monkey Pox virus. The decision of changing the name came into the picture after a group of scientists from Africa and other parts of the world called for changing the name. WHO chief Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that "WHO is also working with partners and experts from around the world on changing the name of #monkeypox virus, its clades, and the disease it causes. We will make announcements about the new names as soon as possible."

"Although the origin of the new global outbreak is still unknown, there is growing evidence that the most likely scenario is that cross-continent, cryptic human transmission has been ongoing for longer than previously thought. However, there is an increasing narrative in the media and among many scientists that are trying to link the present global outbreak to Africa or West Africa, or Nigeria," scientists said.

Scientists have come up with a new way to name the viral outbreak under clades 1,2 and 3 in order of detection. These include viral genomes from Western Africa, and Central Africa, and localized spillover events in global north countries and from both human and non-human hosts. Clade 1 is for the Congo Basin clade, and clades 2 and 3 correspond to the prior West African clade.

"The entire epidemic of MPXV regardless of the location needs to be halted, not just this Northern hemisphere outbreak. A practical and neutral system of nomenclature allows efficient communication without the risk of further misconceptions, discrimination, and stigmatization," the group said in its paper.

“With the advice from the emergency committee, we can be in a better position to control the situation. But it doesn’t mean that we are going straight to a public health emergency of international concern. We don’t want to wait until the situation is out of control to start calling the emergency committee,” Dr. Ibrahima Soce Fall, WHO’s emergencies director for Africa said.

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