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Afghanistan is on the verge of collapse, as the country faces trouble defending itself against the Taliban forces. The country's security forces were unable to stop them and were destroyed by a Taliban attack. 

Not just that, now even the US has announced something important. Washington has shared that it will withdraw its citizens from Kabul. This will end the symbolic presence of the US in the country. This comes as another shocker to Afghanistan.

The situation currently is very tense in Afghanistan. Most of the important cities and rural areas are now under Taliban rule. Also, the Afghan security forces were largely destroyed in the earlier attack. Read on, To understand the situation better.


Taliban meticulously planned everything. They strategized their moves to understand what will be best. They put a lot of thinking into planning and understanding if talks will be better or force? Everything mattered to win. Every move was planned and their strategy was laid out.

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After a lot of discussions and looking at the final result, we can see that their plan of overwhelming government forces with multi-pronged strikes on locations around the country, seemed to work. First, they signed a deal with Washington and agreed that they will not be attacking US targets. With this, they got the US to withdraw. Not just that, the US also pestered Afghanistan asking them to release the Taliban prisoners in their country.


There is no doubt that there was some lack of spirit in the Afghan forces. There were many factors as to why the troops were not good at fighting the Taliban forces. Corruption was one of the biggest reasons. Another reason was the US exit.

It is a known fact that corruption has now been rooted in the military. Those in the higher ranks take advantage of their position and make money. They sell weapons that are meant for the soldiers and do not pay them enough. The money meant for the troops goes into the pockets of the higher-ranked officials.

Also when a lot of their power was based on US support, since they retracted, it became even more difficult for Afghans.


As you can see, the Taliban has control over major cities and rural areas of Afghanistan. There are as many as three cities left under Afghan rule. It is difficult for Afghan to win in this situation, also when the reports suggest that the Taliban is making their move rapidly.

Other superpowers and countries are trying to negotiate on behalf of both governments. They are trying to get the Afghan and Taliban government to reach an accord. But so far, there has been no success. If no deal has been reached, then the Taliban will remain with the upper hand. They currently have all the factors aligned in their favour.

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