What is The Minimum Time Required For Haircut? Read to Know

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Have you ever wondered how much time you are spending at a saloon? How much time does it take for you to get a haircut? 30 mins, 40 mins or more? One always thinks that the longer a hairstylist takes to cut your hair, the bettr your hair would look. But you are mistaken. Read on to story to find out why...

Meet a hairstylist who set Guinness World Record for giving his customer the fastest and perfect haircut in 47 seconds. This video is from February 2017, when Konstantinos Koutoupis, a hairdresser from Athens, Greece, set the world record for the fastest trimmer haircut. He attempted to create a record to prove his worth as a hairdresser. The first half of the three-minute video shows Koutoupis doing a haircut from start to finish without a break. The hairdresser comes to a halt at exactly 47.17 seconds and raises his hands to signal he is done.

The judges then measured the length of the hair to see if the job was done correctly, and his name was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records. The video was uploaded by the Guinness World Records Twitter handle, captioned "Need a fast trim? What about a 45-second cut? 

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