Western World Countries are on Same Page on Non-recognition of Taliban Govt: EU Envoy to Afghanistan

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Peshawar: Pakistan has said that it would take the lead in recognising the Taliban government but would want to adopt a regional and consensual approach. 

“We thought that it would be the best to do it through a regional, consensual approach,” Foreign Office Spokesperson Asim Iftikhar said during a media briefing on Friday.

It is pertinent to note that no country has recognised the Taliban government. Afghanistan has been badly impacted by the economic, and political instability of Pakistan as repeated border closures and differences over Durand line are hampering trade inflows in Kabul. 

“And there is increasing understanding that some kind of engagement with the interim Afghan authorities is essential to address this situation,” Iftikhar added. 

Afghan Consul General in Peshawar, Hafiz Mohibullah Shakir has urged international recognition of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. 

“We request recognition and whoever recognises us first, the entire Afghan nation will be indebted to them,” he said in an interview with The Express Tribune

Meanwhile, the EU Ambassador to Afghanistan, Andreas Von Brandt said that there is a consensus on the non-recognition of the Taliban government in the western world. 

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“We have a very cautious approach...and I think ...if there are a few good things at the moment it is, that there is the tremendous consensus on the non-recognition in the entire western world and I actually don't see that changing in the near future,” he said, as TOLOnews quoted

According to Brandt, the world is trying to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan, not to the government which came to power by means not provided for in the country's constitution.

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