Wearing Masks is Not Required in This Country.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that his administration will no longer require people in England to wear face masks, and social distancing will be abolished later this month.

Johnson indicated that the government's COVID-19 restrictions would be lifted, as well as constraints on the number of people who can assemble indoors.

The announcement comes as the pandemic enters its third wave, with infection rates at their highest since February of this year as the Delta type sweeps across the country.

Johnson said July was the best time to complete the final unlocking during a press briefing at Downing Street.

"We will move away from legal restrictions and allow people to make their own informed decisions about how to manage the virus," he said.

Nightclubs will be allowed to reopen, and pub guests will be free to order from the bar, removing the necessity for table service in hospitality establishments.

People will no longer be required to work from home after July 19, and vaccine dose intervals for those under the age of 40 will be shortened from 12 weeks to eight weeks.

Following a review of the most recent statistics, the final decision will be published on July 12, with updates to the plans for international travel and schools expected later this week.

In the past 24 hours in the United Kingdom, 27,334 new instances of COVID-19 were reported, and nine people died after testing positive for COVID-19 in the previous 28 days, bringing the total death toll to 128,231 since the epidemic began early last year.

Johnson warned that if the limitations were removed, more people would die from COVID-19, and he refused to rule out future lockdowns.

"Obviously, if we do find another variant that doesn't respond to the vaccines, then clearly, we will have to take whatever steps we need to do to protect the public," he said. 

Some medical experts, as well as opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer, have criticised the decision to lift all coronavirus limitations in one fell swoop.

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