Watch: Mexican Mayor Kisses Alligator Bride to Seek Nature’s Bounty

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This may sound bizarre but a small town mayor in Mexico has tied a knot with the alligator dressed as bride. Yes, you read that right.In a small fishing village called Oaxaca. The wedding ceremony was like any other colorful marriage function as revelers danced to the traditional music and the civic official kissed his unconventional bride. The video of kissing the alligator bride has since gone viral. 

Similar to the frog’s wedding tradition in India, people in Mexico marry an alligator which is like a prayer pleading for nature's bounty. The frog's wedding is an annual affair in Karnataka, as many believe that the marriage between amphibians helps usher in rain. 

The alligator wedding ritual likely dates back centuries to pre-Hispanic times among Oaxaca state's Chontal and Huave indigenous communities. As per the local tradition, San Pedro Huamelula mayor Victor Hugo Sosa married a seven-year-old alligator on Thursday in an age-old ritual.

Sosa obliged more than once to plant his lips on the small alligator's snout, which had been tied shut presumably to avoid unwanted biting.

“We ask nature for enough rain, for enough food, that we have fish in the river,” said Sosa.

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Oaxaca is arguably the country's richest in indigenous culture and home to many groups that have stubbornly maintained their languages and traditions.

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