Viral Video Of Three-eyed Baby Predicted By Indian Sage, Real Or Fake?

 - Sakshi Post

A video appeared which instantly went viral showed a baby with 'three eyes'. In India, social media craze had hit the zenith and the forwards doubled when it was posted with the claim that a sage had predicted that a 'weird baby would be born in a foreign country'.

This 'miracle three-eyed baby' would have been passed easily as fake news but gullible viewers fell for it when the narrative was attached to the sage for the Indian viewers.

The sage, they say, is the same who had predicted the outbreak of Corona.

But, here lies the catch. When video editing experts were asked about the veracity of the video, they said that its editing was the most simple. In the video, the toddler is seen in a stroller with two eyes and one on the forehead. Interestingly, his 'third' eye can be seen moving in the same direction as the left one. Video editors say it can be done just by their editing tools.

One Youtube channel shared the video mentioning 'Craniofacial duplication', or facial duplication. However, a quick search revealed that it was referred to a baby in Nigeria and that has no relation with this toddler in the viral video.

So, in the era of fake news, one must be cautious before forwarding any messages or such viral videos.

Have a look at the video:

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