Viral Video: Man Stuck With Pythons For Money Or Fun?

 - Sakshi Post

He was completely covered when some snakes fell on him from above.

He sat with huge snakes all around him.

Almost everyone fears snakes and the fear is said to be real. And to travel through a hill filled with snakes is a feat in itself. One such brave person sat enjoying himself among huge snakes at a mountain crossing. More than a dozen huge snakes settled around him, and he sat there as if he was sitting on a throne. This horrific video went viral on social media.

There was a man sitting in the middle while huge snakes of different sizes were enveloped around him. All the snakes were moving very calmly surrounding him. He also played with them without any fear. At that moment, some more snakes also fell upon him from above. They enveloped him completely. But he didn't seem to be scared by any of this at all.

The video was posted by a Twitter user under the account name of Aqualady. There was a caption with it that read, "Can you stay like this for an hour at least for $ 50 Million Dollars?"

This video, which is dreadful to watch, has gone viral on social media. Many people have commented on it, liked it, retweeted it, and shared it multiple times.

Some netizens commented that they were non-venomous snakes and that they could also sit like that for more than an hour. “I can do this without taking any dollars. I want to be with snakes. Cool,” tweeted Sandy Morris. Another commented that where they grew up, they were snakes, not toys. Some commented that the snakes were not poisonous and did no harm.

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