Viral | Donald Trump Needs Two Hands To Drink Water, Netizens Cast Doubt On Health

screengrab - Sakshi Post

NEW DELHI: In a video that has now gone viral, Donald Trump appears to be struggling to lift a glass of water, requiring the help of another hand to pour the water into his mouth. He was addressing West Point graduates on Saturday and the clip immediately went viral with netizens pointing out that "something is up".

Most of the United States President's critics commented on the video and also in another clip where he looks unsteady while walking down the stairs following his speech.

Although the incident took place in a fraction of a second, the reaction was instant.
Some recalled that Trump and others during the US presidential campaign in 2016 where they took out conspiracy theories such as Hilary Clinton was failing in health, which was later found out to be baseless.

According to Dr. Bandi X. Lee, a Yale University psychiatrist, who has often called in Trump's physical and mental health, he took to Twitter to say that such incidents during the speech could be a sign of a more significant problem.

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