US Health Agency Reports Five Flesh-eating Bacteria Cases

 - Sakshi Post

The entire world is grappling with the coronavirus pandemic. United States is one of the worst-hit countries with coronavirus. A total of 6,749,289 people have been diagnosed with the virus and the country has registered more than 1,99,000 deaths. Now, the country is seeing a new infection caused by flesh-eating bacteria.

The Health officials of the state Connecticut, US are issuing alerts to the residents after some of the people have developed infections caused by a form of bacteria that eats flesh. It was discovered in Long Island Sound.

The infection that this bacteria causes is called "Vibrio Vulnificus". A minimum of five people were diagnosed with the infection in the state.

The infection can necessitate intensive care for the infected, or in a more serious case, amputation of the limbs will take place. It can also cause necrotising fasciitis, or in other words, a bacteria which eats flesh. The Connecticut Department of Health has made the information public.

Dr Matthew Cartter, the state epidemiologist for the Health Department referred to the detection of cases as "very important." He further added that, "The Vibrio bacteria could be present in salt or brackish water in or near Long Island Sound and precautions should be taken."

One case was registered in July and the other four have been reported in August. Most of the cases were found in adults between 49 and 85 years of age. The State registered just seven cases in total between 2010-19, making the current number comparatively higher.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention classified Vibrio as the same genus of bacteria that is responsible for causing infections from raw and undercooked shellfish. The severe infection caused by them, Vibrio Vulnificus is capable of causing life-threatening illnesses, particularly if an open wound is exposed to an infected shellfish.

The CDC alerts people with recent wounds, whether from tattoos, piercings, or surgery to stay away from salt water.

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