Twitterati Enraged Over Imran Khan's Rape Comment

 - Sakshi Post

After Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan blamed women and their clothing sense as the reason behind the rise in sexual assault cases, social media has been on fire. The PM said this during an interview with ‘Axios on HBO’.

He shared that when women wear very few clothes or short clothes, men will get affected. It will have an impact on them, they are not robots. This is common sense. “Whatever is acceptable in our culture must be accepted everywhere else. It’s not,” he added. He said that this is the reason for an increase in sexual assault and rape cases in the country.

This clip from the interview went viral on social media and lead to outrage. Everyone including opposition leaders to Pakistani citizens and others on social media criticized PM Khan for his remarks. He received slack for passing such comments on a sensitive topic like that.

He is a rape apologist, said a user on Twitter. He hates women, as we can see from his misogynist ideals, added another user.

A user by the name Reema Omer said, “Disappointing and frankly sickening to see PM Imran Khan repeat his victim-blaming regarding reasons for sexual violence in Pakistan, Men are not “robots”, he says. If they see women in skimpy clothes, they will get “tempted” and some will resort to rape Shameful!” She adds the clip in the comment section saying that many were claiming his words were twisted, but as you can it was not.

People also criticized him for referring to men as Robots. The Pakistani leader was trying to put the entire blame on women and their clothes. This is not right.

But this is not the first time that the Pakistan PM has passed such remarks. Back in April, he said that ‘vulgarity’ was the reason for the increase in rape cases. The PM said that the answer to this is “fahashi” (vulgarity). He said that vulgarity plays a huge part in such crimes. Also bringing in the concept of religion and religious practices, he said that this is the reason why the ‘purdah’ system is necessary. The purdah system in Islam was made so that a person can be free from any temptations.

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