Traces Of Coronavirus Found On Imported Squid Packaging In China

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The dangerous coronavirus, first emerged in Wuhan has killed more than 958 K people across the globe and a total of 30.9 million people have been infected. Mainland China has recently recorded very few virus infections that emerged late last year in Wuhan, with only 10 new cases of coronavirus on Saturday. It says the most recent cases come from people from elsewhere moving into China.

The health Authorities in the city of Fuyu said on Sunday that the novel coronavirus was discovered on the packaging of imported squid by the authorities in China's northeastern Jilin province, urging anyone who might have purchased it to get checked. The health office of Fuyu City said on Sunday on its official WeChat account that, "One of the packages had arrived in the city through the provincial capital, Changchun."

It further asked the public to report to the neighbourhood authorities and go for a coronavirus test who have purchased and consumed imported squid at the local Sanjia Deda frozen seafood wholesale shop on Aug 24 to 31.

The Changchun COVID-19 prevention office said that a company in Hunchun city had imported the squid from Russia and brought it to the provincial capital. On Friday, Chinese customs said that they would suspend imports from firms for a week if frozen food products tested positive for COVID-19 and for a month if the products of a supplier tested positive for a third or more time.

The local authorities in two Chinese cities announced in August that they had found signs of the virus in loads of imported frozen food. The World Health Organization said it then found no signs of coronavirus being spread by food or packaging.

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