Three Scientists Share Nobel Prize in Physics for Quantum Information Science

Nobel Prize in physics goes to Alain Aspect, John F Clauser and Anton Zeilinge. (Photo: Twitter/@NobelPrize) - Sakshi Post

Stockholm: This year’s Nobel Prize in physics has gone to Alain Aspect, John F Clauser and Anton Zeilinger for their work on quantum information science. 

The winners were announced by Hans Ellegren, Secretary General, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm on Tuesday. 

Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said three scientists jointly won the award for  their work on “pioneering quantum information science”

“It has broad and potential implications in areas such as secure information transfer, quantum computing and sensing technology. Its origin can be traced to that of quantum mechanics,” said Eva Olsson, a member of the Nobel committee said. 

“Its predictions have opened doors to another world, and it has also shaken the very foundations of how we interpret measurements,” she added.

Last year the prize was awarded to three scientists — Syukuro Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann and Giorgio Parisi — whose work has helped to explain and predict complex forces of nature, thereby expanding our understanding of climate change.

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It may be noted here that Swedish scientist Svante Paabo won the Nobel Prize in medicine on Monday. He received this prestigious award for unlocking secrets of Neanderthal DNA that provided key insights into our immune system.

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