Thai Woman Finds Vomit Worth Rs. 2 Crore

 - Sakshi Post

It must be difficult to understand what is going on and believing the fact that someone has actually found vomit that is worth crores. Yes, a Thai woman actually had the luck to come across vomit that can potentially make her a millionaire.

The Thai woman who found the vomit is named Siriporn Niamrin. She lives at a house near the beach. The 49-year-old woman randomly stumbled across her fortune. One day when she was walking back home, she found vomit across the coast. Here is why that is worth so much.

That is whale’s vomit which Niamrin came across. This was in Nakhon Si Thammarat province in southern Thailand. The first time Niamrin came across it, she was curious about the mass thing. To inspect it, Niamrin brought it back home but didn’t know it was whale vomit.

The neighbours and other locals helped her in inspection and later it was confirmed that she has found whale’s vomit. It is also called ‘ambergris’ and is very rare to come across.

Before getting her hopes high or believing anything, Niamrin decided it would be best to get the expert’s advice. She wished that experts would visit her home and have a look at her finding. On being asked what she would do if she gets all the money, Niamrin replied that she would help people.

Niamrin shared that if what she has found actually turns out to be whale vomit and she does get a lot of money for it, she will help the people of her community. She wishes to find a genuine buyer for it.

As of now, the woman is searching for an expert who can take a look at what she got and if really is Ambergris. This mass from a whale is helpful in making medicines.

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