Tetsuyo Yamagami, The Man Who Shot Japan Ex-PM Shinzo Abe

Tetsuyo Yamagami, The Man Who Shot Japan Ex-PM Shinzo Abe - Sakshi Post

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe died on Friday, 8 July, after he was shot in the city of Nara. A large plume of smoke was visible in the videos making rounds on the internet as Abe collapsed on stage.

The shooter was identified as 41-year-old Yamagami Tetsuya, who has been arrested by the police. A handmade gun was seized from Tetsuya who is reportedly a former Maritime Self-Defence Force member till 2005, according to The Japan Times.
He is said to be a resident of Nara City and was believed to be standing 10 feet behind the former prime minister when he fired at him.
Earlier, the police suspected that the shotgun was used, but later it was said by Sasaki Yohei, the head of Japan’s hunters’ association Dainihon Ryoyukai, that it was a handmade gun. And reports also say that the shooter didn’t try to escape from the spot. In fact, he has kept down the gun and surrendered himself. Yamagami was immediately held by security officials and pinned to the ground, according to pictures and videos on social media.

Reportedly, the suspect told the Japanese police that he was dissatisfied with Abe and wanted to kill him. However, authorities are still trying to figure out the motive behind the attack. 

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