Taliban Wants Good Diplomatic Relation With The US

 - Sakshi Post

After the Taliban takeover, Afghanistan has been in a panic. The relation and ties with the US have totally gone. But after all this, the Taliban shared that they want to maintain a good relationship with Joe Biden’s USA. The members of the group started walking across the Kabul international airport to show everyone, who rules Afghanistan.

They shared with the entire world in one of their news conferences, that they want good relations with everyone. They asked the superpowers to cooperate with them and also the neighbouring countries to maintain the ties. Now the Taliban has expressed their desire of having to continue a good relation with the USA. “We want good diplomatic relations with the USA,” they said.

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It is our victory. It belongs to us all, said the Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid. They also shared in their previous news conference that they want this to be a celebration moment. Their walk on the airport while celebrating their victory over Afghanistan is symbolic as till now, the airport was under the US force's control. But now that the last of the American troops have also left, there is no one to guard it. With this, the USA’s remaining hold over Afghanistan has also gone.

When the US, first withdrew from Afghanistan, the Taliban immediately captured few places, later going to Kabul and others.

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