Taliban Bans Afghan Girls' Education

 - Sakshi Post

Earlier it was said that the Taliban will not be restricting girls from going to schools, but the latest update out with no mention of girls in it gives a very different view. They have banned girls from returning to schools and receiving higher education.

High schools were allowed to reopen but exclusively for boys and male teachers as per the Taliban's newly formed government. The education ministry's declaration marking the start of school sessions mentioned only males. Classes for those in grades seven to twelve will resume on Saturday. Females were not included in it.

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“All the male teachers and students should come back to their educational institutions," read the statement. This means women will not be allowed to get higher education, which is contrary to what the Taliban had said.

Earlier it was seen that the universities in Afghanistan had segregated seating. A curtain was placed in between where girls and boys were seated on opposite sides. Some primary schools were allowed to reopen with separate classes being held for girls and boys. Few, not all female teachers were allowed to return to class.

Not just this, recently women were barred from the military. Women will not be included in the Afghan government under the Taliban. They should limit themselves to giving birth and not think of becoming ministers in the government.

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