Starbucks Employee Sacked Over Tik Tok Video: Here's Why

 - Sakshi Post

With the increase in popularity of apps like Tiktok, Instagram and others, people are becoming more creative with their content and want to post something every day. Many people post about their jobs and what they have to go through at work. This might seem like a simple way of letting out one’s frustration and probably wouldn’t cause much tension, but looks like viral videos on TikTok are now causing problems to companies.

In a recent incident, a Starbucks employee was fired over a viral Tiktok video. A 19-year-old Starbucks barista shared a video on TikTok in which he talks about the types of customers that come every day and how some of them are really difficult to handle. In the now-deleted video, he shares his experience working at Starbucks.

The company fired the barista after seeing the video as they were sceptical of how people would react. Nowadays brands and companies are becoming extremely careful and sensitive when it comes to their social media presence. Even the littlest things can affect the brand image.

This is not the first time that something like this has happened. Earlier there were instances where the employee was sacked over their viral videos on Tiktok. Where the companies feel that this is necessary to protect their image, the employees feel that this indirectly giving them promotion. Through their viral videos, people who didn’t know about the brands earlier will now know.

Eli, the fired Starbucks employee hared that it is a video where the employees, the friends were randomly talking. They didn’t do anything wrong nor did they damage the property. He shared that it was a harmless video.

In this era of digital marketing, experts are trying to analyse if such things do affect the product or the brand’s image.

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