South African Woman Eyes World Record After Delivering 10 Babies

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Sithole gave birth to 10 babies in the same pregnancy. 

A South African woman reportedly gave birth to 10 babies in the same pregnancy. As of now, the news has not been confirmed but once the confirmation from the doctors is given, the woman will become a Guinness World Record holder. She will become the woman with the largest birth ever.

Since nothing is confirmed, Halima Cisse of Mali is still the record holder. She gave birth to nine babies at a hospital in Morocco in May, this year. If what the 37-year-old South African woman Gosiame Thamara Sithole says is true then Halima gave birth to nine kids and she delivered decuplets. She could be the new record holder.

According to the reports, Thamara Sithole had her delivery in a Pretoria hospital on June 7. She is already a mother of twins. But in her second pregnancy, Sithole became a mother to another 10 babies, seven boys and three girls. The delivery had to be done by Caesarean. It came as a shock and surprise to the couple as they were told by doctors that the woman is expecting six children.  

The couple shared that they conceived the babies naturally. 9 months for Sithole was very challenging. She had to deal with immense pain. Carrying 10 babies at a time took a serious toll on her body. The woman was concerned for her babies as it is a risky pregnancy. But everything went fine in the end and all the babies were born well. Although as it was a pre-mature delivery, the babies will need to spend a few weeks in the incubator. The babies were born by the end of the seventh month itself.

Sithole's husband, Teboho Tsotetsi said that he is very happy as his wife and babies are all safe. He is very emotional and shared that he won’t be able to talk much as he doesn’t know what to say.

This is not the first time that a woman has given birth to so many babies at the same time. Earlier in 2009 in the US, a woman gave birth to eight babies in the same pregnancy and all of them survived. Later it was Halima Cisse with nine babies in May this year and now Gosiame Thamara Sithole gave birth to ten babies.  

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