Sky Glows In Pink Over Australian Town, Reason Will Shock You

 - Sakshi Post

Some of the residents in the Australian town of Mildura were shocked on Wednesday after the evening sky turned out pink. The photos of the sky turning pink went viral. After the photos have gone viral, netizens also made jokes and references to aliens or the popular paranormal drama series Stranger Things.

But the news is that the pink glow was coming from a nearby cannabis farm owned by the pharmaceutical company Cann Group.  It was the first Australian company to secure licences for cannabis cultivation for medicinal and research purposes.

"Locals were treated to a bit of a light show last night while we were testing one of the new cultivation zones at our facility. We can confidently say this was not a solar flare or an interdimensional portal," the Cann Group confirmed on Twitter.

It is said that Cannabis plants need different spectrums of light in order to encourage their growth. Red light is often used in the flowering stage to encourage plants to grow tall and to help promote budding.

Cann Group CEO Peter Crock spoke to ABC News on Thursday morning and said, "It's a brand new facility that's just become operational this year-really exciting and state-of-the-art technology. We use LED lights in the facility [...] and we were testing a new room that's come into commission just yesterday. The lights normally shut down at sunset. We were testing the systems and they didn’t shut down at sunset, but the lights did go off at 7 o’clock when we put the cannabis to sleep normally."

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