Singapore to New York: World’s Longest Flight with Just 11 Passengers  

 - Sakshi Post

It is the World’s longest flight that covers thousands of miles of distance and for what, to carry just a dozen passengers. This Singapore Airlines’ flight travels from Singapore (SIN) and New York (JFK) to cover a distance of 9,537 miles in 18 hours. It is the world’s longest flight that literally flies from one part of the map to another.

This flight that travels thousands of miles obviously requires a lot of fuel that is why it runs on A350-900ULR which holds extra fuel capacity. While this flight is so long and takes up so much time and fuel, it is given that the airlines have to put in a lot of money to run it. But it isn’t filled with people as you would think. This airline usually carries less number of people and even the recent flight had the same.

A Twitter user by the name, Steve Giordano shared pictures from the flight hilariously pointing out that the number of crew members is more than the passengers themselves. “11 total passengers tonight on SQ24 - the longest commercial flight in the world SIN-JFK. We’re nearly 20% of the paying passengers and we’re outnumbered by crew 13:11,” wrote the user.

It was a funny situation as the number of passengers was lesser when compared to the crewmates. It is a flight with a total of 162 seats out of which only 11 were occupied. It was reported that this flight is generally this empty. If not this empty, it usually doesn’t have full occupancy. Even in the coming days, this flight will have 20 passengers of less than that, flying it.

The reason why this flight is still operating is because of the cargo. It would be a waste of money and loss for the airlines as this flight doesn’t get them enough profits. Plus, the amount of fuel that goes into it is pure waste. But there is a reason behind it.

Such flights are generally carrying cargo. It also is necessary stuff like medicine or vaccine. So, it is important that such flights keep running.

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