Shocking Video: Black Man With Knife Shot Dead By Louisiana Cops In US

 - Sakshi Post

A black man has been shot dead by police on Friday night in Lafayette, Louisiana. The video footage taken by a bystander went viral after it was posted online drawing blacklash. A man walking away from the police to a gas station can be seen in the video, as a group of officers surround him and the camera pans away from the scene, but about 10 shots can be heard fired.

The man, identified as Trayford Pellerin and he was pronounced dead at a local hospital. A police statement claims Pellerin was shot after he fled from police, who were responding to "a disturbance involving a person armed with a knife."

Ben Crump took to his Twitter and posted the video with caption, “Several cops surrounded a Black man and fatally shot him 10+ times tonight in Lafayette, [Louisiana]!” tweeted Ben Crump, a noted civil rights attorney who represents George Floyd’s family. “He reportedly had a knife and was walking away from police, but didn’t deserve to die they acted as judge, jury and executioner. We demand justice and answers.” Here is the video.

Here is another tweet by Ben Crump.

The state ACLU condemned it and termed it as horrific and deadly incident of police violence against a Black person. The ACLU of Louisiana issued a statement Saturday regarding the shooting - “Once again, video footage has captured a horrific and deadly incident of police violence against a Black person who was brutally killed in front of our eyes.”

Executive director Alanah Odoms Hebert said in the statement, adding that the group “will continue to demand justice for this brutal killing and push for reforms that will end the epidemic of police violence once and for all.”

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