Scientists Release Largest 3D Map Of Universe Ever, Filling 11 Billion Years Gap In History

Representational Image - Sakshi Post

It is always interesting to know the facts about the universe. After five years, the astrophysicists have unveiled what they consider the "biggest three-dimensional map of the universe." It encompasses more than 2 million galaxies and many black holes.

This is the result of an ongoing project called the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). The main aim of this project is to map the expansion of the observable universe and solve a few cosmic conundrums in the process. With the latest update, SDSS has mapped and measured more than 2 million galaxies, spanning more than 11 billion light-years from our Milky Way to ancient objects.

Kyle Dawson a cosmologist at the University of Utah and a lead scientist of the SDSS project said that "We know both the ancient history of the universe and its recent expansion history fairly well, but there's a troublesome gap in the middle 11 billion years."

The Twitter handle of Univ of Utah News shared a video and captioned it as, "The largest 3D map of the universe ever created was released today by a collaboration of 100 plus scientists worldwide. The analysis of two million plus galaxies and quasars filled in 11 billion years of our universe’s history." Here is the tweet.

Earlier, researchers were able to find out the state of the Universe soon after it was created in the aftermath of the Big Bang and its recent expansion history from galaxy maps made using projects like the SDSS. But now, the researchers are able to document much older expansion history in the recent SDSS survey known as the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (eBOSS).

Will Percival of the University of Waterloo explained that "The researchers have used detailed analyses of the eBOSS map and earlier SDSS experiments to provide the most precise measurements of the expansion history over the widest period of cosmic time."

Thus, the eBOSS studies have provided a complete story of the expansion of the Universe. The final map showed the filaments and voids that defined the structure of the Universe since it was around 300,000 years old. Here is the video of eBoss 3D map of the Universe.

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