Scientists Find 37 Recently Active Volcanic Structures On Venus

 - Sakshi Post

NEW DELHI: Scientists have discovered 37 volcanoes present on the Venus which were active in recent times and probably still active. With this latest finding scientists came to a discovery that Venus has a warm and churning interior, unlike Mars and Mercury which have cold interiors.

 According to reports, scientists have found out the presence of 37 volcanoes on the Venues with the help of new 3D models of the planet’s interior.

They suggest that this new discovery could change the way everyone think about Venus till date.

Scientists have published about this new discovery in the journal, Nature Geoscience.

While all the 37 volcanic structures could be dormant, but their existence suggests that the planet might still have a geologically active interior.

University of Maryland Prof Laurent Montesi the Co-author of the study, said that their findings will change the view of people on the venue, venus which is considered as the most inactive planet is now can feed many active volcanoes as its interior is still churning.

The scientist has shown evidence over the presence of warm interior and the presence of geological activity on Venus surface through coronae, which is a ring-like structure that is formed when hot materials rise through mantle layer from deep within the planet.
They even said that this process is similar to the formation of the volcanic Hawaiian Islands from mantle plumes.

Before this discovery, scientists considered the coronae as signs of ancient volcanic activity and since the interior of the Venus’ had cooled down, but this latest study suggests otherwise.

In their study scientists created high-resolution 3D simulations of the coronae formation, by making use of numerical models of thermo-mechanic activity which is taking place beneath the surface of Venus

As a result of which scientists found out that coronae on Venus are still evolving, which indicates that the interior of the Venus is still active

Scientists have found out coronae clustered in various locations on the planet and came to the conclusion that Venus is most active. Professor Montesi said that there are at least 37 active coronae on Venus.

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