Russian Cruise Missile Hitting Mykolaiv's Governor's Office Captured on Cam

 - Sakshi Post

A video showing Russian cruise missile hitting a Mykolaiv Regional State Administration building in Ukraine goes viral. The attack on Ukrainian administration building,  which houses a governor's office, killed seven people while injuring 22 others on Tuesday.

Mykolaiv's Governor Vitaliy Kim has shared this striking video of the Russian cruise missile on Telagram. The video captures the cruise missile seconds before it struck  a government building and blasting a huge hole in its structure. As per reports the missile attack destroyed nine floors of the building and rescue missions are still ongoing.

In his Telegram message, the Governor wrote the Russian forces are destroying the city because they know they cannot capture it. A woman living a few blocks away from the building said Kim's office was targetted because he gives "confidence and strength" to his people and that angered Putin and his followers. 

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his video address to the Danish Parliament condemned the cruise missile attack. He said "there were no military targets in Mykolaiv city" and the Russian forces still targetted the innocent people.

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